Transparent LCD Panel Kit

Transparent LCD Displays are the latest innovation in LCD technology,
opening up a wide range of new opportunities in retail and marketing.


Transparent LCD Panel

Standard diagonal screen sizes
-32" to 84" (16:9)

Transparent LCD Displays Icon

1080p HD display
(UHD 4K on 84")


Transparent substrate


USB, VGA and HDMI inputs


Remote IR sensor


Multi touch options


Sweet-spot sizes for legibility and reuse of existing content

Stunning high resolution images

Adds a genuine wow factor

Connect media players, PCs and more

Flexible location of control sensors

Enhances viewer engagement


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Part Number resolution Surface Frame Manufacturer
LCD-057-TRN 640×480 Glare No KIOSK KOREA
LCD-070-TRN 800×480 Glare No
LCD-097-TRN 1024×768 Glare Yes
LCD-150-TRN 1024×768 Glare Yes
LCD-215-TRN 1920×1080 Glare Yes
LCD-230-TRN 1920×1080 Glare Yes
LCD-270-TRN 1920×1080 Glare Yes
LCD-320-TRN 1920×1080 Glare Yes
LCD-430-TRN 1920×1080 Glare Yes
LCD-480-TRN 1920×1080 Glare Yes
LCD-550-TRN 1920×1080 Glare Yes
LCD-650-TRN 3840×2160 (4K) Glare Yes
LCD-700-TRN 1920×1080 Glare Yes
LCD-754-TRN 3840×2160 (4K) Glare Yes
LCD-840-TRN 3840×2160 (4K) Glare Yes